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Premium Donabe - Double lids Pot

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Ideal for 3 – 4 people

This Donabe (earthenware pot) is excellent for making soups, stews, and braised dishes, but you can also use it for steaming, roasting, or cooking the most amazing rice you've ever had. Donabe holds heat exceptionally, which makes it an ideal vessel for cooking dishes that require liquid and long cooking.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height):

Not including handles/lid: 21cm x 14cm / 2200ml

Made in Japan

Ideal for gas stove top use. This Donabe is not suitable for electric or induction cooktop.

Oven-safe (up to 500℉/ 250℃). This Donabe is not suitable for microwave.

Please note that Japanese Donabe requires seasoning prior to use since the pot is made of clay and it is naturally porous. You may consider the following steps to season your donabe:
1) Clean your pot and fill it with 80% of water;
2) Add approximately 20% of rice;
3) Put it on a stove and wait till the water is boiled, then turn your stove to low heat to continue cooking till your rice turns into sticky porridge;
4) Turn off the stove and let the porridge cool down for at least one hour (Ideally to let it sit overnight);
5) Clean your pot, wipe it carefully and make sure it is completely dry before your next use.
This seasoning process will help make your donabe's life longer.

Hand wash only. Please let it cool down first before washing.


Please note this product is 100% handmade with natural materials. Appearance and texture may vary for each piece. Uneven glaze and spots are considered normal.