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Premium Japanse Craftsmanship Edo Kiriko Glass

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Whiskey Glass: ф80 × H90㎜
Sake Glass: ф60 × H50㎜

With this meticulously handcrafted rocks glass, each sip will instantly transport you to a world of timeless style that puts its own spin on tradition. As each glass is made by hand, they may look similarly stunning, but no two are exactly the same.

The intricate network of lines and curves created a delicate picture of the Mt. Fuji with "white rains "- Reminiscing about where the workshop is located.

Every piece of work is handmade by skilled craftsmen, from the glass of the fabric to the cutting. We carry out strict inspections to ensure the handmade taste and reliable quality of our products.
Please note that individual differences such as bubbles, slight color irregularities, and thickness that occur in the glass itself are unique to handmade products. I

Care and Use ◆It is not heat-resistant or tempered glass. ◆Crystal glass is easily damaged, so please handle with care. ◆Do not use in a dishwasher, dish dryer, microwave, or open flame. ◆ Dirt on the cut surface can be easily removed by carefully washing your hands with a small soft brush. Do not use abrasive sponges, metal scrubbers, or cleansers.◆Please refrain from using the product with sudden temperature changes or shocks. ◆The product is delivered in a small wooden box. Do not stack glasses when storing.

Made in Japan


Due to the nature of the manufacturing process of glass cups, the surface of the product may be uneven. There may be small bubbles, dents, scratches, marks, glass clogging, lettering, etc.