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little sure thing

Natural Wood Cutlery

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It is made of fruit trees of Indonesia called Sao's tree. The grain is very beautiful, there is a beige ~ red gradation. It was shaved every single one by the hands of craftsmen.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height):

Sugar Spoon: 2.9cm x 9.7cm
Dessert Spoon: 3cm x 13cm
Jam Spoon: 2.8cm x 17cm
Table Spoon: 4cm x 17cm
Dinner Spoon: 4cm x 17.5cm
Coffee Scoop: 4.2cm x 10.6cm
Soup Spoon: 4.5cm x 19cm
Folk: 3cm x 17cm

Made in Indonesia

Not recommended for Dishwasher uses