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Kutani Ware Side Dish Gift Set

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The Kutani ware gift set comes with 5 individual side dishes with different hand painted patterns.

Kutaniyaki porcelain has a unique aesthetic that is still valuable hundreds of years later. The patterns, which are skillfully painted in the five colors of red, green, yellow, purple, and navy blue, are created by masterful brush strokes, from flowers, birds, winds, and the moon to landscapes and figures, and even innovative geometric patterns. The skillful use of brush strokes to create flowers, birds, winds, and the moon, landscapes, figures, and even innovative geometric patterns are also remarkable.

Kutani-yaki is a collection of masterpieces in which artists' skills are at their best.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 

9.7cm x 1cm

Made in Japan

Microwave Safe: Yes
Dishwasher Safe: Yes 


Please note this product is 100% handmade with natural materials. Iron points, irregularities, and small holes can be seen in the handmade pottery. In some cases, the pebbles contained in the soil are exposed, and there are also holes where the pebbles used to be. There are parts where you can feel the unevenness and accumulation of the makeup mud and glaze, and where traces of air bubbles remain. In some cases, the glaze has shrunk and the base material is visible. You can feel the marks of the partition on the back side. Similar to the surface, individual differences can be seen in the baked color on the back side.