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Japanese Edo Furin ("Wind Chimes")

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Glass wind chimes are attractive because of their cool appearance. For "Furin Aya", in addition to the colors of summer, the colors chosen can create a refreshing and slightly nostalgic atmosphere when looking through the sky. "Sakura" is like looking up at the blue sky from under a cherry tree in full bloom. “Aozora” is an image of the clear blue sky, and “Yuki”, which is based on white, has an expression that looks like fluffy snow and clouds. While feeling the change of the day with the light and wind, even the shadows cast on the walls are beautiful, capturing the hearts of the viewers.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 

10.5cm x 10.4cm

Made in Japan


Due to the nature o
f the glass, there may be wrinkles or agglomeration on the entrance line. During the glass making process, there may be water marks, bubbles, scratches, clumping marks, print marks, and smudges.
The above characteristics are not product defects. Please make careful consideration before purchasing.