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"Healing Cat" Late Autumn - ”治愈猫“ 晚秋

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The "Healing Cat" series expresses four season's scenery with cats with four seasonal scents. The unique expressions and gestures of cats bring soothing comfort and inner peace. 

"Late autumn scent" is a calm scent inspired by the moon floating in the late autumn sky. A scent that is a mixture of musk and amber based on sandalwood.

“Healing Cat”系列以季节性香味表现以猫为画的风景。猫咪独特的表情和手势让人心旷神怡。请享受这些猫带给您的宁静和舒适。

"晚秋” 灵感来自深秋的月亮,散发出一种平静舒缓的香氛。以檀香木为基调混合麝香和琥珀的芬芳香味。麝香和琥珀的浓郁甜味是其特征,使其成为寒冷季节的完美香味。推荐给那些喜欢檀香香味并正在寻找甜美香味的人。

Product Details:

产品包括:10 个香锥 + 1 个香盘


Internal Capacity: 10 cones and 1 incense plate
Case Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2.5cm
Burning Time: Approximately 15-17 minutes per cone



Precautions for use

・After igniting the tip of the incense, extinguish the flame and smoke.
・Set the incense in the incense stand made of non-combustible material after smoking.
・Please use a tray to catch the ash under the incense holder.
・Do not use near flammable materials or in windy locations.
・Even after the smoke disappears, the spark may still remain, so please handle with care.
・Keep out of reach of children.

Additional cones can be purchased separately

Made in Japan