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little sure thing

Dried Flowers in Gift Box with Vases

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These dried flowers are beautifully packaged in thoughtfully crafted transit boxes, ensuring their safe journey to someone's doorstep. With our innovative letterbox packaging, you can send these stunning bouquets without any hassle, as they effortlessly fit through your mailbox. Therefore, these products are perfect for gifting or displaying in your physical store. Including a wooden stand with 3 mini glass vases (bottles). Please note that dried flowers are natural and seasonal products, which may lead to variations in flower types and colors compared to the photo. Embrace the surprises that come with these ever-changing botanical wonders and add a touch of enchantment to any environment.

Made in Netherlands 

Weight: 10.58 oz (300 g)

Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.2 x 1.2 in (37 x 26 x 3 cm)