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Color Changing Milk Bottle Gift Set

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Add some cold milk to the grinning Pen-Pen and Panda bottles to finish the design! Initially, Pen-Pen and Panda appear white, but once you pour in the milk, it's magic! Watch as the white transforms to black! (This happens when the temperature is below 17°C.) Strawberry milk makes a pink creature! Coffee creates a brown creature! Green tea results in a green animal! Have fun with the colorful penguins and pandas, just like you change your outfit! Even kids who don't like milk might enjoy it with this set! It's also perfect for jazzing up your dining experience. Straw and plate not included. 

Comes in a Gift box

Size: approx. 14cm x 5.8cm / 200ml 

Material: glass, 1 penguin pattern and 1 panda pattern.

Not Dishwasher Safe