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Aderia Retro Glass Tumbler

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[Adelia Retro] is a remake of Adelia's glassware that was once used in Showa-era households and can be used safely in the modern age. Adelia's tableware became popular for its familiar design and affordable price, and graced the tables of the Showa era. One of the most representative products is the printed glassware with cute patterns such as flowers and animals. Some customers are attracted by the nostalgia and warmth of the charm of these products and continue to use them with great care even after production has ended. Adelia Retro was born with the support of such fans. It has been reborn as a product that is easy to use in today's lifestyle, while maintaining the charm of those days.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 

Tumbler: 7cm x 15cm / 305 ml

Tall Glass: 5.6cm x 15cm / 280ml

Individual boxed

Made in Japan

Not recommended for dishwasher use

Not microwave safe